Our 2019 Performers



Emotionally provocative and layered in symphonic warmth, Dan Kassel's solo cello music brings this classical instrument to new heights. Using an acoustic cello, a Boss RC-50 looping station and minimal effects, Dan bridges the gaps between Klezmer and Irish folk, Indian classical and down-tempo electronic music, levity and suspense - looping and layering his instrument into expansive tapestries of sound. www.dankassel.com



Born in the diverse city of Trenton, Anthony Quinones (better known as DJ Coqui) arrests the attention of any crowd. His versatile music repository – from hip hop to salsa and bachata – delivers an eclectic mix and a one-of-a-kind experience. This young music pioneer is inspired by the happiness that consumes people when they hear music, and fueled by the way it can transform the mind, body and soul.



Jallosh met while helping others. Finding a common thread between a love for Dhol-Taasha – traditional Indian drums, and Lezim – a dance named after a small musical instrument with jingling cymbals, in which swaying to the rhythm creates a mesmerizing sound effect. The group decided to make this ‘joyous beating’ the face of Jallosh, which means celebrating in community with joy and gusto, while raising funds to help sustain needy organizations.